Grease – October 2016

Victoria Hall, Keighley – 17th to 21nd October 2016.


Keighley Amateurs are delighted to have secured the performing rights for this incredible and popular musical.

Previously only available to school groups, we are one of the first groups to be performing the full adult version of this musical in October 2016, including all your favourite songs from the Movie!

For those who are not familiar with the film (where have you been hiding?) Grease is a musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey with additional songs written by John Farrar. Named after the 1950s United States working-class youth subculture known as greasers, the musical is set in 1959 at fictional Rydell High School and follows ten working-class teenagers as they navigate the complexities of peer pressure, politics, personal core values, and love. The score attempts to recreate the sounds of early rock and roll. The show mentions social issues such as teenage pregnancy, peer pressure and gang violence; its themes include love, friendship, teenage rebellion, sexual exploration during adolescence, and, to some extent, class consciousness/class conflict.

Our amazing line-up…

DANNY: Paul Matthews
KENICKIE: Nathan Lawton
SANDY: Shelley Lofthouse
RIZZO: Fiona Spencer
FRENCHY: Leanne Watson
MARTY: Georgia Ellen Wowk
JAN: Leah Ogrizovic
DOODY: Reece Raymond
ROGER: Matthew Bown
SONNY: Samuel Higgins
EUGENE: Daniel Duckworth
PATTY: Sarah Chapman
CHA-CHA: Emily Moses
VINCE FONTAINE: Richard Gardner
JOHNNY CASINO: Mark Hutchinson
TEEN ANGEL: Mark Hutchinson
MISS LYNCH: Charlotte Stern
Ben Wysocki
George Robinson
Evan Rouse
Harry Rundle
Nathan Armstrong
Sam Jewitt
Amy Bennett
Caitlin Riley
Ciara Fleming
Ellie Haigh
Katie Wortley
Lisa Oldfield
Molly Nolan
Nicole Oldfield
Brooke Johnson
Danielle Stephenson
Ema Thompson
Hannah Crabtree
Heather Flaherty
Helena Scott
Jasmine Hibbert
Sarah Muff