Leading the talented company was Leanne Watson as Maid Marion and Fiona Spencer as Robin Hood with Leah Ogrizovic as the Fairy. Mark Hutchinson exchanged the cheers for boos this year as the villain Sir Casper (The Sherriff of Nottingham). Philip Smith, Danny Duckworth and Bailey Roper kept everyone laughing as Muddles and the bumbling robbers Dan & Desmond. Dean Harness added a touch of glamour as our Schoolmistress Dame, Penelope Penwiper.

We once again had a magnificent line-up of amazing dancers and adorable kiddies including four fabulous “Babes”, and a great supporting cast too!

Under the directorship of Peter Whitley & Judith Chapman, and musical direction of Geoff Garrett, the cast included:

Robin Hood   Fiona Spencer
Maid Marion   Leanne Watson
Fairy Silverleaf   Leah Ogrizovic
Sir Casper   Mark Hutchinson
Dame Penelope   Dean Harness
Dizzy Desmond   Bailey Roper
Dirty Dan   Daniel Duckworth
Little John   Sam Higgins
Will Scarlett   Nathan Armstrong
Alan-a-Dale   James Windle
Sherrifs Steward   Richard Smith
Friar Tuck   Joshua Breeze
Muddles   Phil Smith


Ensemble / Dancers
Alanah Shimmin Amy Bennett
Brooke Johnson Danielle Dade
Danielle Stephenson Ema Thompson
Emily Moses Grace Macdonald
Jasmine Hibbert Megan Bown
Natasha Armstrong Nathan Armstrong
Roxanne Williams Richard Gardner
Scarlett Hale Sarah Chapman