Happy Days

Goodbye grey skies, hello blue!

Goodbye grey skies, hello blue! Happy days are here again with Richie, Potsie, Ralph Malph and the unforgettable “king of cool” Arthur (The Fonz) Fonzarelli. Based on the hit Paramount Pictures television series, Happy Days – A New Musical reintroduces one of America’s best loved families, the Cunninghams — yes, Howard, Marion and Joanie are here too — to a whole new generation of kids and parents.

The famed drive-in malt shop and number one hangout, Arnold’s, is in danger of demolition. So the gang teams up to save it with a dance contest and a TV-worthy wrestling match. Even Pinky Tuscadero, Fonzie’s childhood sweetheart, returns to help – will they rekindle the old flame?

Confirmed Cast

We have a great line up with some new discovered talent once again


Fonzie Mark Allen
Richie Cunningham Matt Gardner
Joanie Cunningham Emily Moses
Howard Cunningham Julian Freeman
Marion Cunningham Katrina Wood
Potsie Richard Gardner
Ralph Malph Rick Greenwood
Chachi Peter Kounnas
Pinky Carolyn Ellis
Arnold Howard Clements
Leopard Mac George Phillips
Lori Beth Alice Chapman
Leopard Manny Chris Cundell
Count Malachi Josh Breeze
Jumpy Malachi William Jarman
Elvis Presley George Phillips
James Dean Matthew Kirby
Pinkettes Danielle Stephenson
Stephanie Laycock
Car Hops Chay Croden
Ema Thompson
Carly McGrann
Calendar girls Sarah Chapman
Rebecca Illingworth
Amy Bennett
Alice Chapman
Bully Jason Jennings
Nerd girl Emily Starr
Ensemble Katie Wortley
Molly Robinson
Abigail Remde
Natalie Bennett
Nicole Oldfield
Jamie Sharples
Declan Vink