Audition registration is now available.  Auditions are open – you do not need to become a member first, however there is a small audition fee for non-members.  As usual, all the parts are available for audition.

It is early days, and whilst we have been planning this for some time, we may not have all the answers yet! Bear with us, we will publish as soon as we know.

Please bear in mind, most parts require a good level of singing ability for this show.  Not sure what your vocal range is? Click here (Opens in new tab)

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Principal Parts:
Character Description Age/Gender
Narrator The Narrator tells the story through word and song.
Soprano (or Tenor if played by male)
16+ / Any
Joseph Eleventh and favourite son of Jacob
16+ / M
Brothers Joseph has eleven brothers, some taking the lead in songs, and some doubling as characters in Egypt. (Judah is listed separately, with a different calypso style audition piece.)
Mixed ranges
16+ / M
Brother’s Wives Up to eleven wives, also doubling as Egyptians and Potiphar’s servants 16+ / F
Jacob / Potiphar The father, and also doubling as Potiphar
16+ / M
Potiphar’s Wife Scheming wife of Potiphar
16+ / F
Pharaoh Usually portrayed as an ‘Elvis’ type figure, Pharaoh is the most powerful man in Egypt
Tenor / Baritone
16+ / M
Children’s Chorus Providing vocal and dance accompaniment throughout the show. 8+ / Any
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Notable Dates (These dates are not yet confirmed)

w/c 1st May – Rehearsals Begin

August – No rehearsals – please plan any holidays this month

Friday 13th October – Technical Rehearsal
Saturday 14th October – TBC – Keep free
Sunday 15th October – Band Call (morning), Dress Rehearsal (afternoon)

Show Dates

Sunday 15th October  – 2.15pm (in reserve)
Tuesday 17th October – 7.15pm
Wednesday 18th October – 7.15pm
Thursday 19th October – 7.15pm
Friday 20th October – 7.15pm
Saturday 21st October – 2.15pm and 7.15pm

Victoria Hall (Theatre)

Performances will be at Victoria Hall.

Victoria Hall (next to the leisure centre),
Hard Ings Rd,
BD21 3JN

Google Maps Link

Audition Venue

Victoria Hall (next to the leisure centre),
Hard Ings Rd,
BD21 3JN

Rehearsal Venue


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