Keighley Musical Theatre Company are delighted to be producing the amazing musical Hairspray over six performances – Tue 16th Oct to 20th Oct 2018. The show will be presented at Keighley’s Victoria Hall, transformed as usual into a 400+ seat theatre, giving a capacity of about 2,400 over the run. The musical will be performed with the full live orchestra, quality staging, costumes, sound and lighting that our audiences expect from us.

Principal auditions will be held on Saturday 3rd March from 9:30am. Chorus auditions on Sunday 4th March from 1pm.

You must be at least 14 years of age on the first day of auditions. Principals will need to appear within the playing age range of their chosen parts.

About Hairspray – The Broadway Musical

Change is in the air! It’s 1962 in Baltimore, and Tracy Turnblad, the lovable plus-size teen, has only one desire – to dance on the popular “Corny Collins Show.” When her dream comes true, Tracy is transformed from social outcast to sudden star. She must use her newfound power to dethrone the reigning Teen Queen, win the affections of heartthrob Link Larkin, and integrate a TV network… all without denting her ‘do! Hairspray, winner of eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical, is a family-friendly musical, piled bouffant-high with laughter, romance and deliriously tuneful songs.

Based on the New Line Cinema film, written and directed by John Waters

Presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International

Book by Mark O’Donnell and Thomas Meehan, Music by Marc Shaiman, Lyrics by Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman

For our production, we are welcoming back Jay Cundell-Walker as director, and Judith Chapman as Choreographer, along with John Sandland as Musical Director.

Director’s notes – Hairspray and Ethnicity

This show is about the racial segregation of the 50s and 60s but also about pre-conceived ideas of what people should look like and what they should be capable of doing; knowing their place and limitations. It is not my intention to drastically alter anyone’s appearance through stage makeup to make them fit an ethnicity. This is a very unique show in its requirement for specificity of ethnicity and body type therefore I have decided to not purely focus on the segregation of African Americans but the segregation of anybody who appeared different and didn’t fit the perfect body image of the Corny Collins Show.

As usual, all the parts are available for audition, and we are looking for people from all ethnic backgrounds to take part in this wonderful show. 

Auditions are open – membership is not required until a role is accepted.

Main Parts to cast:

Conformist (the included)

  • Velma Von Tussle
  • Amber Von Tussle
  • Corny Collins
  • Link Larkin
  • Council Members
  • Male and Female Authority figures

Non- conformist (the excluded)

  • Tracy Turnblat
  • Edna Turnblat
  • Wilbur Turnblat
  • Seaweed J Stubbs
  • Motormouth Maybelle
  • Little Inez
  • The Dynamites
  • Penny Pingleton
  • Kids in detention


 Role  Character Playing Age
Corny Collins The leader of the ‘Corny Collins’ show, he is a confident and charismatic character (not ‘cheesy’) who can sing and dance well, he is the male lead with the most songs. He loves Tracy’s dancing and wants to integrate the other kids onto his show.

Accent:  Standard American

Dance ability: Must be able to move well.

 Edna Turnblad Edna is Tracy’s mother, traditionally played by a man. She runs a laundry business out of her house and is a kind but rather a large lady who doesn’t want Tracy to be hurt because of her size when auditioning for the ‘Corny Collins’ show. Performs in many numbers but doesn’t have to be the best singer, needs to have good comic timing. 

Accent: Standard American

Dance ability: Able to move

 Motormouth Maybelle Motormouth Maybelle is the host of the very popular ‘Negro Day’ on the show and encourages Edna to be comfortable and proud of whom she is. She is a very sassy and confident lady with a larger than life attitude; she wants to move the station out of its racist world and into an integrated future. She is the step-mother to Seaweed and mother to Little Inez; she would love for them to be on a new, non-prejudiced show. She has a very soulful voice and sings a few belting numbers such as ‘I know where I’ve been’ and ‘Big, Blonde and Beautiful’.

Accent: Southern American/Standard American

Dance ability: Good; able to move well

 Velma Von Tussle Velma is the very determined, feisty and unpleasant producer of the show whose main aim is to maintain the ‘purity’ of the all-white council on the Corny Collins show. She is the mother to Amber whom she bosses around and tries to make THE star of the show. She is extremely cruel to Tracy because of her size and is a fantastic villain role. She has 4 numbers that she performs in and needs to have a voice that can really belt. 

Accent: Standard American

Dance ability: Reasonable dancer/able to move well

 Female Authority Figures These roles are specifically:

Prudy Pingleton (Penny’s religious and slightly crazy mother who likes to punish her constantly), the sadistic gym teacher and the prison matron. These can be played by one person or more

Accent: Standard American

Dance ability: General chorus numbers only.

 Wilbur Turnblad Wilbur is Tracy’s father, married to Edna. He is a very kind man who only has eyes for Edna. He encourages Tracy to go for her dream no matter what. He owns the Hardy Har joke shop and is quite a goofy personality. Voice type is baritone but does not have to be the strongest singer.

Accent: Standard American/New York

Dance ability: Able to move

 Male Authority Figure Again as with the Female Authority Figure there are three roles to be played by one person. The president of Ultra-Clutch Hairspray (Sponsor of the Corny Collins show), the highly-strung high school principal and Mr. Pinky.

Accent: Standard American

Dance ability: General chorus numbers only.

 Tracey Turnblad Tracy is the female lead of the show, a pleasantly plump girl whose dream it is to dance on the Corny Collins show. She ends up in detention due to her ‘hair height’ where she meets Seaweed and his friends. She is not afraid to stand up for her beliefs and is a friendly and energetic personality. She is on for a large proportion of the show and therefore must have stamina. Her voice type is Mezzo-Belt and performs in over 10 numbers!Accent: Standard AmericanDance ability: Excellent dancer able to perform with style and charisma.  16-20
 Link Larkin Link is the main man on the Corny Collins show, he sings and dances well, a very charismatic character. Initially his love interest is Amber but once he sees Tracy’s big heart and determination he begins to fall for her instead. He is described as a young Elvis.

Accent: Standard American

Dance ability: Strong/Excellent

 Penny Pingleton Penny is the dorky but adorable friend of Tracy, she ends up falling in love with Seaweed, much against her mother’s strict religious wishes.

Accent: Standard American

Dance ability: Strong/Excellent

Seaweed Stubbs Seaweed is a very talented dancer and singer who appears on Negro day of the Corny Collins show. He is the step-son of Motormouth Mabel and meets Tracy in detention. He ends up falling in love with Penny. His voice type is a tenor and is a very energetic role.

Accent: Standard American

Dance ability: Strong/Excellent

 Amber Von Tussle Amber is the spoiled brat of Velma, she cannot understand why Tracy is on the show and considers her nothing but an eye-sore. Link falling for Tracy is the final straw for her. She is the female lead of the council, the princess of the Corny Collins show due to her mother’s position as producer.

Accent: Standard American

Dance ability: Strong/Excellent

Little Inez Little Inez is Seaweed’s younger step sister. Her dream is to be on the Corny Collins show and dance with the others, but when she turns up at the audition she is immediately sent away as she doesn’t conform.

Accent: Standard American

Dance ability: Strong/Excellent

The Dynamites Shayna, Kamila & Judine  

Remember, the above ages are playing ages. The minimum actual age for dancers/ensemble is 14 on the 3rd March 2018.

Ages apply strictly on date of audition, and this alone does not guarantee suitability for a part. Some parts may require you to be of a certain height, or have a particular playing age, voice or appearance.

Principal auditions will involve dialogue, singing and dance. Chorus will need to demonstrate singing and dance.

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Audition registration closes 25th February 2018

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Please email if you are interested in auditioning for future productions.
Large supporting cast/chorus also required – please register for an audition

If your audition is for a role not mentioned above, then you may still need to sing a short section as demonstrated by the MD on the day.

All auditions will be at our Aire Valley Studio (address below)


Aire Valley Rehearsal Studio

Find us at:
KMTC Rehearsal Studio,
Airevalley Business Centre,
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